Motorized blinds


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Roof blinds

Mechanism profile

The operation system controls the blind's rotating and traversing trough two engines, one for each function.

Avalaible size

  • Roof angle from 0º to 21º
  • Max. length up to 6000 millimetres.
  • Max. total width up to 6000 millimetres in 5 parts.
  • Max. width up to 1800 millimetres per part.
  • MAx. area up to 36 squared meters.

Connecting box

Special box equipped with an electronic system and full protection device.

Blind device

Thin double faced aluminium plates. Small rolling diameter. Fire hardened and filled with insulating foam.

Way guide

Aluminium extrusion (lacquered or anodised with synthetic resin).

Mechanism profile

Two 220 v. tubular engines -with thermal overload protectors.

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Roof blinds

Roof blindsRoof blindsRoof blindsRoof blindsRoof blindsRoof blinds